Demo Comprax NTP Klok using ESP8266

Programming and casing created by Comprax

Current functions:

- Auto connect to WiFi
- Show current IP and control pasword (video showing demo pass)
- Sync with NTP server
- Show time and day of week
- At secs 15 and 45 show current date for 5 seconds
- When caller comes in scroll a message (eg CallerID) 3 times

Extra functions:

- Auto timezone (defaults to NL if not detectable)
- OTA upgrade (password protected)
- WiFi portal when no current known SSID or connection failure
- Auto adjust brightness
- Web scroll command URL (eg used by our PBX for caller announcement)
- Alert beep buzzer
- LED indicators No-WiFi and No-NTP-Sync
- Auto recovery on failure to sync/multiple network failures/software crash
- Can drive LED matrix and 7-Segment 4 digit & dot simultaneously
- Internal power supply or supplied power from matrix PCB selectable - Easy build using PCB screw connectors - Latest version software: V2.2.4

Demo video

Image PCB